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Graphic Wall Painting Ideas are available here for you, so you can choose the best Wall Paint Style for your Bedroom, Drawing Room or Lounge. By Following the Graphic Wall Painting Designs, you can make a wall Art in your Home and decorate your Rooms with beautiful colored walls. In this modern age people are using Wallpapers in the Home Interior, but there is a Big Difference Between Wallpapers and Wall Paintings[1]. Wallpapering is a new technique, but the Graphic Wall Painting Designs are still in vogue, but it is a costly solution for wall decoration.

The Wall Painting Techniques are rarely available in various countries and areas, so they are costly. The Wall Painting Ideas are available for you, so you can easily make wall art at home. You home will look more attractive with the designing Wall Painted Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Lobby, Library etc. Have a look on the beautiful random pictures of Graphic Wall Paintings and select for your home decoration.

Good news for the wall art lovers! Graphic wall paints are now in trend to adorn your wall. The people who love to decorate their walls in intense designs and graphics but are hesitant to apply those expensive and care seeking wall papers can now paint their walls with awesome patterns.

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Home polish designer, Haley Weidenbaum, brought the idea of painting the wall in meditative and other graphics .She worked on a two bedroom Los Angeles apartment where the clients are not willing to stay for long ,therefore spending dollars on wall papers are useless. To content their desires Haley thought of painting the walls in graphic designs which would show case the wall like a wallpaper decor.

Corinne Pulsinelle is the local painter who did the artistic job for Haley’s project. She stated, “As soon as I walked into Michelle’s apartment, I could really see Haley’s vision and how my painting style coordinated with the furniture and decor.” Both the designer and the painter worked efficiently to bring out the desired outcome and present a Zen style premises for the residents to compliment their lifestyle. Corinne is a drummer cum painter who applies her skills on the wall to generate murals based on religious or simply patterned graphics. According to her first she just work roughly and then delve deeply to give the final touch .Once in practice the final mural just took four hours to complete.


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