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facebook smileys codes for chat. facebook smileys codes for chat. code ...

Facebook emoticons. as you might already be aware, facebook (which is the most used social networking website in the world today) now supports emoticons and smileys. We provided a resources of facebook chat emoticons with its shortcut keys, combination code and also the description about each of the fb emoticons with its usage in. Don’t forget to browse all galleries with facebook symbol codes, such as heart symbols, zodiac signs, gender symbols, music notes, emoji and other interesting emoticons..

Facebook emoticons codes – use these cool facebook chat emoticons to spice up your facebook chat conversations. just copy and paste the facebook emoticon codes from. Smiley shortcuts are entered directly into the facebook chat window, you can insert them alone or in the middle of other text, facebook recognizes them in any place.. Finally a cool facebook emoticons application. there are tons of cool and funny emoticons that i can use on chat, wall and comments. totally love using it..
New Facebook F9 cool Smileys for awesome chat

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how to make facebook emoticons how to make facebook emoticons

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November 2012



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